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Packaging fulfils the diverse role from protecting products, preventing spoilage, contamination, extending shelf life, ensuring safe storage thereby helping to make them readily available to consumers. PP woven sack is the best choice for bulk packaging.

PP Woven sacks are worldwide material of choice for bulk packaging of edible commodities for domestic use and exports.

Currently, industries that are using bulk bags are:

1.Petrochemical & chemical products manufacturers (e.g. PVC resins, soda ash, phenolic resin.

2. Food manufacturers (e.g. sugar, flour, spices, wheat, milk powder)

3. Quarries & constructionread hererelated (e.g. cement, granite, sand)

4. Agricultural related products (e.g. fertilizers, animal feed, grass)

5. Industrial applications (e.g. scrap materials, copper coils & slag, sludge waste)

FIBC bag also called PP big bag , jumbo bag, bulk bag, container liner, sling bag, ton bag , 1000kg large bag , 2000kg PP bag…etc.

Bulk Packaging has to be strong, durable, light in weight, provide adequate protection with increased storage/ shelf life, easily handled, cost effective, reusable, recyclable and impact on environment should be minimum on holistic approach considering life cycle analysis of the packaging material.

Considering all above we can summarise PP woven sacks, FIBC and leno bags are ideal for Bulk Packaging.

Product specification


1-2 tons super industrial type sack/ PP big bag/ Jumbo bag/ FIBC bag/ 4 PP belts sling bag /cement bag transported by forllift


stand up bag in big sizes


100% PP / polypropylenevirgin resinor lamination PE fabric

Fabric weight ‹g/sq.m.›





Regular size:85*85*90cm/90*90*100cm/95*95*110cm,

or customized


4-panel/U-panel/circular/Tubular/rectangular shape

or customized

Top Option‹Filling›

Top Fill Spout/Top Full Open/Top Fill Skirt/Top Conical

or customized

Bottom Option ‹Discharge›

Flat Bottom/Flat Bottom/With Spout/Conical Bottom

or customized


2 or 4 belts, cross corner loop/Double stevedore loop/side-seam loop or customized

Dust excluder Ropes

1 or 2 around bags body,

or customized

Safety Factor

5:1 /6:1/3:1 or customized

Load capacity



White, beige , black , yellow

or customized


Simple offset or flexible printing

Document pouch/label


Surface dealing

Anti-slip or plain


Plain/chain/chain lock with optional soft-proof or leakage proof


PE liner hot seal or sewing on the edge of bottom and top high transparent


breathable/UN/Antistatic/Food Grade/Recyclable/Moisture Proof/Conductive/Biodegradable/SGS food grade packages

Packing detail

About 200 pieces per pallet or under customers’ requirements

50pcs/bale; 200pcs/pallet ,20pallets/20′container

50pcs/bale; 200pcs/pallet ,40pallets/40′container


Transport Packing/Chemicals/food/construction

Storage and Packaging rice, flour, sugar, salt, animal feed, asbestos, fertilizer, sand, cement, metals, cinder, waste etc.

Trade Term


Payment Term

T/T‹30% of total amount deposit and 70% before delivery or against copy of B/L›, L/C at sight

Delivery time

Within 15-25 days against receipt of payment.


1.The price depends on the bag you demand(sharp, size and printing quality)

2. Best quotation offer after receiving full details of the bag you want



standard FIBC:

U panel / circular / coated / uncoated / lined

Baffled FIBC:

such bags can prevent BULGING deformation after loaded and beneficial for transportation.

Sling Bag:

bearing mainly rely on the belt. bags normally for transporting purpose.

Sift-proof FIBC:

they are sewn with leak-proof materials. mainly used for powdered products, preventing leakage from the seam.

Vented FIBC:

radialweaving less than normal density so that they have characters of ventilation of humidity and prevent mildew of goods.

Food Grade FIBC:

these bags meet the requirements of packaging food products.

Danger-goods packaging FIBC:

weobtainlicenses for packaging dangerous goods

anti-static FIBC

avoid the danger of dust accumulation or explode caused by static discharge.

anti-UV FIBC

bag with long lifetime, anti-aging

Filling and discharge options:

Selecting the right Filling and Discharge option can save you time, money and help create a safer working environment.

These options are determined by the product that is to be stored and the method required to do this. Some examples of these options you can see beloware:

1. An open top may be adequate for inexpensive products not exposed to moisture damage.

2. A duffel/skirted top or a flap top gives easy access whilst ensuring product integrity.

3. A conical top is ideal for those materials which need time to settle.

4. Additional Filling options such as spouts further aid in the filling process, with draw cords and petal closures further enclosing the product whilst allowing air flow.

5. A flat bottom is the economical option if the bag is not to be reused & cut for product release.

6. Discharge spouts and conical bottoms assist in directing & maintaining controlled release.

7. Petal and iris closures help tying off and protect from contamination.

8. Full bottom discharge is available for rapid release.

Lifting options:

Lifting options are determined by the requirements of maneuvering these heavy bags, with a variety of choices available to suit diverse conditions. Hood, four loop (generally in each corner) and sleeve lifts are specifically designed for use with forklifts. Attaching additional loops to the existing four loops allows the use of a hook to pick up the bag.

One loop and two loop bags are suitable for pick-up by either crane or forklift, are the most cost-effective option and are generally constructed using tubular / circular polypropylene fabric. These are primarily used in the agricultural industry but are also used for minerals and fine particle products. Two loop bags are in the main used when greater access is needed when filling the bag with the loops tied together for lifting.

Four loop bags are the most common bags used In Australia, and are used for agriculture, construction (sand), chemicals, foods, minerals and pharmaceutical products. These are generally constructed using polypropylene fabric that is circular woven to reduce the number of stress points from seams. They serve a wide variety of dry-bulk handling applications, providing customers with a safe and sturdy semi-bulk packaging solution.

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