A waterproof PP woven plastic packaging bag

In agricultural products packaging, cement packaging and food packaging, and other industries, woven bags are popular packaging products. Woven bags are needed to be waterproof when packaging some specific items, so as to prevent the items packaged in the bags from infiltrating into Rain Water.

Compared with most of woven bags with only the outer coating layer or the inner laminating, the waterproof performance can not be well guaranteed.

For the outer coated woven bag, the upper and lower ends are usually stitched with thread, and the pinhole is easy to seep water.

For the inner laminated woven bag, the waterproof performance can only be said ordinary. The outside of the woven bag is easy to stick to water. So, for some products like sugar, salt, etc… the woven bag is made into laminated for both inner and outer, and the upper and lower ends are glued and sealed, so the sealing performance is better, to avoid rainwater infiltration through the ends of the main body of the bag, in addition to the water-proof benefits, the load-bearing capacity, pressure resistance and sealing of the main body of the woven bag are improved.

The structure of the waterproof plastic woven bag is composed of the main body, that is woven fabric, an outside coating, and an inner laminating. Plus two edge sealing layers.

waterproof fertilizer packaging bag

The main body of the woven bag: 2. Plastic woven fabric; 3. Inner waterproof layer; 4. Outer waterproof layer; 5. Edge sealing layer; 6.Edge sealing glue layer.


The inner layer is laminated on the inside wall of the plastic woven fabric, and the outer layer is coated on the outer wall of the plastic woven fabric.

For the laminating process of the inner layer, please refer to the article “pp woven bag inside lamination process“.

As we all know, the plastic woven fabric is made of plastic flat wire interlaced with warp and weft, and the fabric is tightly woven and uniform in density.

Both the inner layer and the outer layer are made of polypropylene. Generally, the thickness of the outer waterproof layer is greater than that of the inner waterproof layer.

And the outer waterproof layer is often covered with ordinary film or BOPP film.

BOPP film can meet the packaging of higher-grade products, achieve colorful, real pictures, increase the shelf display of products, and enhance the marketing effect.

For an introduction to BOPP woven bags, you can click to learn more.

The two edge sealing layers are U-shaped around the two ends of the plastic woven fabric, the inner and outer waterproof layer, through the edge sealing glue or hot pressing. The waterproof performance is excellent.

Because both the inner waterproof layer and the outer waterproof layer are made of polypropylene, which makes the inner and outer layers have non-toxic, tasteless, lightweight, chemical stability, and excellent waterproof characteristics. What’s more, it can improve the strength of the whole packaging bag, which is an ideal option for fertilizer, rice, flour, sugar, and salt packaging.

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